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How many pair of jeans does a girl need?

Posted on: August 27, 2010

Jeans have been around for decades and are very popular around the world. According to timeline by google, the first jeans were designed by Levi Strauss in 1850.

Ladies can wear jeans with any top, blouse, shirt. They come in different styles and colours (especially blue) and can be worn  for casual, business causal, or even business smart occasions.

Every girl should have at least 1 pair of:

  • straight leg jeans
  • skinny jeans
  • boot leg flairs jeans
  • boyfriend baggy jeans
  • jeans mini skirt
  • jeans short
  • three quarter jeans
  • dungarees
  • designer jeans – for those special occasions
  • white jeans
  • black jeans
  • faded ripped jeans
  • jeans jacket

So do you love wearing jeans?

How many pair of  jeans do you have and what types?

C’mon! we know you want to share with us. 🙂


8 Responses to "How many pair of jeans does a girl need?"

I think I must have like 10 pairs of jeans – and I never feel like I have enough jeans…..

I think the only types of jeans I dont have right now is the dungarees, jeans jacket and the black jeans – gave away the ones I had!

Perhaps I will get some at the next swap party

I did get a pair of white jeans skirt, straight leg jeans and jeans mini skirt at the last swap party organised by the The Wardrobe Swap Party gang!

Definitely looking forward to the next swap party now!

I’m not sure! but i know i don’t have up to 20 pairs! don’t have the dungarees, the boyfriend baggy and the faded ripped jeans.

Maybe, i’ll get them at the next WASP…

Hmm, these jeans you have listed are plenty o. I wanted to get dungarees jeans when I was pregnant but never got round to it. sigh

I think I have just 5 pairs of jeans most of which are boot flair jeans and 1 skinny jeans. I need to upgrade men cuz i loooove jeans

Pls when is the next WASP? 🙂

Oh wow!!!
Not sure I have all the types mentioned hmmm I should be able to get some @ WASP!!!

I think the next swap party is in October… I’m not sure… the trick is to keep an eye on their page on facebook and here… and get ready to get the bargain of a lifetime!

I’m boring: when I find a style of jeans that fits well, I stick to the style. Bootcut jeans have been my go-to style for more than five years now. I have 3/4 jeans, denim skirts and a denim jacket too but I leave the other categories to others :).

Skinny jeans are so versatile – they look great with heels, flats or tucked into boots – and they are actually really flattering… my fave on London Blacks by Oak Jeans [of course ;o)].

Also – a tip… if your skinny jeans are too short and you want to wear them with shoes – cut them to calf length and wear them with killer heels – such a funky look! you can even wear patterned socks or tights underneath to show off your rock chick side.

I normally only wear boot cut jeans, but I just bought my first pair of skinny jeans and am absolutely in love! I’m not a huge fan of jean shorts (we call them jorts in my neck of the woods!) or jackets, but I totally agree with your idea that we should branch out! One style is just not enough.

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